How To Keep Your House Clutter-Free at All Times

No one likes a cluttered room, and for a good reason. Clutter looks bad, makes it difficult to find stuff when you need it, makes your home seem smaller than it really is, and over the long term it can actually damage your mental and physical health.

On top of all that, clutter removal isn’t something you can just do during your standard cleaning, as it’ll just reappear right away. Rather, in order to keep your home clutter-free, you and the other members of your household need to adopt tried-and-true clutter-reducing habits. 

These habits are:

Clean up after yourself

Don’t leave dirty dishes and cutlery on the table after you’re done eating. Rather, take everything to the kitchen and wash it after you’re done using it, or put it in the dishwasher if you have one. This will not only prevent you from creating mountains of dirty dishes in your sink, it’ll greatly reduce the health risks and the bad smells from the rotting food crumbs. 

Speaking of crumbs, buy a hand-held vacuum cleaner and immediately vacuum any crumbs, hairs, and other small debris. You can do this quickly, and it’ll also make your standard cleanings infinitely easier.

Determine where certain items are kept

Choose designated storage spaces in your house where certain types of items should be stored when not in use. For example, remotes and game controllers can be stored on a shelf under the TV, while toys should be left in a specific drawer after your kids are done playing with them.

Same goes for clothes. Jackets and shoes should be taken off in the entry hallway and placed on wall hangers and in shoe holders. Refrain from leaving other clothes on chairs and sofas, and instead take the time to throw them in the laundry or put them on hangers. 

Make sure the other members of your household understand where everything goes, and then do your best to keep each other accountable. Over time, you’ll get used to putting items in these designated storage spaces, and it’ll become second nature.

Train your pets not to jump on furniture

We all love our furry friends, but it would be really nice if they could shed a little less. The good news is: dog and cat hair is a lot easier to vacuum up when it’s on the floor and not all over your furniture. 

By teaching your pets not to climb on sofas, chairs, and the like, you’ll be dramatically decreasing the amount of hairs you need to pick up, not to mention reducing the possibility of one of them having an icky accident on your favorite couch. 

Buy some trash bins

Many homeowners make the mistake of only having one or two trash bins in their homes, typically in the kitchen and the bathroom. This means that all those food wrappings, dirty napkins, used handkerchiefs, empty soda cans, and whatnot is going to be left on tables and other surfaces that really shouldn’t have trash on them.

By getting a few trash bins and placing them in key areas (bedroom, living room, etc.), you’ll have something that people will naturally use to dispose of garbage. Needless to say, this is both healthier and easier to clean afterwards.

Book a professional cleaning

All these decluttering habits are great to have, but they won’t help you if your home is heavily cluttered right now. The most cost-effective way to deal with this is to simply have your place cleaned by the experts. Click here to learn more about cleaning companies and the services they provide.